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"Twee T." LED Pendant Lamp

"Twee T." LED Pendant Lamp

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Product Description: 

Twee T.‎ is a lamp projected by Jake Phipps for Casamania.‎ The idea of cage, retraces the past tradition of a canary in homes: 

From the Egyptian civilizations and Roman times, we can see the canary presence in the houses; in the Middle Age and in the English courts was a good upbringing sign to have them in lounges.‎ In this way, an icon of british high-ranking status became a lamp-object.‎

The little bird is made of BOSA hand decorated ceramic which is black-painted and the cage is structured of black-painted metal rod.‎ The LED lighting fixture is on the base of the cage, covered by a double polycarbonate shielding that on the one hand illuminates the room, and on the other hand illuminates the inside of the cage.‎  

  • Dimensions: 18"HIGH 16"WIDE
  • Finishes: CAGE: metal rod black painted, BIRD: hand decorated ceramic (Bosa), black painted
  • Bulb: LED
  • Hardwired connection required for functionality

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