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BeepEgg® Timer - Spring Blue

BeepEgg® Timer - Spring Blue

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Product Description: 

Make life easier and more enjoyable with a fun and functional product! This musical and floating egg timer will ensure that your eggs are boiled to perfection every time. The three tunes correspond to the hardness of the eggs being boiled. The first tune indicates that the egg is soft-boiled; the second tune indicates that the egg is medium-soft boiled, while the third tune indicates that the eggs are hard-boiled. For best care and results, always store BeepEgg with real eggs. BeepEgg works on a thermal model which functions best when it starts off at the same temperature as the real eggs.

  • Package: 2.2"W x 2.13"D x 3.62"H
  • Egg: 1.7" diameter x 2.1"H
  • Musical floating egg timer
  • Spring melodies: 1. "Four Seasons - Spring''  2. ''Waltz Of The Flowers''  3. ''Don't Worry Be Happy'' 
  • Exceeds food quality and safety standards worldwide. Free from BPA and other harmful substances.

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