Kitchen with a View

Kitchen with a View


The concept of a kitchen has changed a great deal over time, transitioning from a functional space to store food and produce meals to the place where many families spend much of their quality time together.

 So when tasked with putting a modern kitchen into an early 20th Century home, the designers at Hamma Galleries had to bring two architectural eras together. “The style needed to blend with the existing 100-year-old home, which has lovely Bermuda cedar details,” says Interior Designer, Jennifer Dearing. “The clients also really wanted the kitchen to feel light and bright and celebrate the beautiful views of Harrington Sound.”



 The result is a 30’ by 15’ kitchen that was completed over approximately five months and includes an independent island, breakfast nook and small seating area, while being conveniently connected to a large covered porch.

~ House Garden Kitchen & Bath 2021



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