Your Bathroom Makeover in 5 Easy Steps

Your Bathroom Makeover in 5 Easy Steps


Whether looking to quickly refresh an outdated bathroom or seeking inspiration for your next project, Hamma Galleries may be your one-stop-shop solution.

We asked our interior designers to share their helpful tips for updating a bathroom without having to embark on a complete renovation. Read on to learn five easy ways you can transform your bathroom (or powder room) and enhance its function and visual impact.


01  Upgrade Your Vanity


Right out of the gate, the most impactful easy bathroom update you can make is to switch out your old vanity for a new and improved model. If you have the space to increase in vanity size, that's a bonus, but if you are limited to a smaller nook, there are options for improvement including style and colour.

Changing the style of your vanity will immediately create a fresh overall look. Picture it: that white pedestal basin is now a modern, floating two-drawer unit-- instant upgrade!

If you don't mind your current vanity style, try introducing a new colour. For instance, a traditional two-door single vanity will never be out of style, but introducing a different colour will add interest while providing a focal point in the space. Note: Natural wood tones are also colours that add warmth to a space. 

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02  Change Your Mirror


The mirror will always need to fulfil its role as a functional staple in your bathroom, but have you considered its decorative importance?

Introducing a new mirror above your vanity can bring personality into the bathroom much like a piece of wall art. The perfect combination of size and frame will elevate your bathroom.

Select a frame that complements the overall style you wish to achieve in your bathroom: minimalist, rustic, traditional, etc. Consider the finish as well as the shape-- although these two are not mutually exclusive. For example, a cane/rattan frame works well in a coastal-themed bathroom, regardless of shape, and a round mirror option tends to be the modern update to an existing rectangular frame mirror.

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03 Replace Your Fittings


Even if you choose not to update your vanity, you can still opt to swap out your bathroom fittings including faucets, handles, robe hooks, toilet paper holders, towel rails/rings, and so forth. 

The visual impact will be greater if you change the actual finish of the fittings to match your new style. Try integrating a contrasting metal for additional punctuation! This is where details can uplift your space from dated to innovative.

Replacing worn-out fittings can also improve their function which is highly beneficial.

Fun Fact: Did you know that updating your bathroom adds value to your home? On average, kitchens and baths are the two rooms potential buyers pay most attention to.

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04 Introduce New Textiles


Other than a fresh coat of paint, introducing new textiles is the easiest and most affordable way to reinforce colour in your bathroom. 

Hanging a new shower curtain (if applicable) can create additional colour and add a textural element that will visually soften your bathroom. The same goes for placing a stylish bath mat or runner, that complements your desired theme, along the vanity and/or tub.

Take this idea a step further by including coordinating bath linens for extra points!

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05 Incorporate Stylish Storage

Even though it is last on the list of bathroom makeover tips, this step is actually one of the most important for getting started. It is essentially a two-step process that requires action before the process begins, and after the other steps are checked off the list. 

Before deciding on vanity styles or textiles, start decluttering by physically removing unnecessary items in your current bathroom or powder room. Reducing excess will give you a fresh perspective and leave you with a clearer vision to forge ahead with your makeover. 

Later on, when you have reached the stage to select storage bins, organizers, and other bathroom accessories, you will know how many of these items you require, what sizes will fit, and which styles will work to complete your décor.

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Hopefully these tips will help inspire you to make informed decisions for your next bathroom project. Below is a summary to use as a cheat sheet for future reference:


Photos used in this post: James Martin Vanities, Howard Elliott, Samuel Heath, Pinterest.
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